Determine if a folder exists

Fabian Baumanis

Q: Is there any way to determine whether or not a specific folder exists on a computer? A: There are loads of ways you can do this.

The Test-Path Cmdlet

The easiest way to do this is to use the Test-Path cmdlet. It looks for a given path and returns True if it exists, otherwise it returns False. You could evaluate the result of the Test-Path like in the code snippet below

$Folder = 'C:\Windows'
"Test to see if folder [$Folder]  exists"
if (Test-Path -Path $Folder) {
    "Path exists!"
} else {
    "Path doesn't exist."

This is similar to the -d $filepath operator for IF statements in Bash. True is returned if $filepath exists, otherwise False is returned.

For More Information

And for more information on Test-Path see the Test-Path help page.


So as you saw, Test-Path tests the existence of a path and returns a boolean value. This return value can be evaluated in a IF statement for example.

Tip of the Hat

This article is based on an earlier Scripting Guys blog article at How can I determine if a folder exists on a computer?. I am not sure who wrote the original article.


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  • e.m. halap 0

    Well, maybe you should include “-PathType Container” to make sure it’s a folder? Otherwise it might just be a file without an extension. 🙂
    And any command to work with files inside it would fail.

    • Stéphane BARIZIEN 0

      Indeed. On *nix “test -d foo” checks if foo is a folder.

      And: folder names can have extensions, too 😉

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