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Password Expiry Notification Using Teams and Graph API

This post's intent is to show how to use Graph API through PowerShell to send a Teams message.

Understanding Get-ACL and AD Drive Output

Understanding Active Directory ACL using PowerShell can be a bit tricky. There are no out-of-the-box cmdlets with ActiveDirectory PowerShell module to help in settings the permission quickly. While there are no cmdlets, you can nevertheless manage AD permissions using the AD PowerShell drive. In this post, I will try to simplify Active ...

How can I be notified any time a service goes down?

Q: How can I be notified any time a service goes down? A: The short quick answer to utilizing WMI and PowerShell 7. You use PowerShell to create temporary event monitoring using WMI. Then WMI monitors any service changes and generates an alert once it detects a change. Basic Requirement To achieve this, you need Windows ...

Using Get-Service in PowerShell 7 vs. Windows PowerShell 5.1

Q: How can I get the Username, and StartType for a Windows Service? A: Quick answer is PowerShell 7. Microsoft is doing a great job on PowerShell with each version they release. The simple answer to this question is a command called . But there is a big update that makes getting the required information much easier with PowerShell 7. I will ...