Announcing our Java + Power Apps Workshop!

Gomolemo Mohapi

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly. We now have a brand new self-led Java + Power Apps workshop. This workshop highlights the collaborative approach of professional and citizen developers rapidly building solutions together. With a Java with Spring Boot REST API backend and a Power Apps frontend, you get the best of both worlds.

We’re on a mission to create as many samples, workshops, and end to end solutions as possible to showcase the ability of the Power Platform to empower every developer, on every level of stack to build the solutions they need in a fast, collaborative and secure environment.

Behind the scenes

Our team wanted to connect a Power Platform application to a “traditional” backend, showcasing the robust extensibility and connectivity the Power Platform provides not just for citizen developers, but for professional developers as well.

To accomplish this, in this workshop we leveraged the existing todo-java-mongo Azure sample on GitHub. This sample is a complete application that includes everything you need to build, deploy, and monitor an Azure solution. The application uses the Azure Developer CLI (azd) to get you up and running on Azure quickly, Java for the API, and Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB for storage.

Once that was deployed, we then created a custom connector from scratch, which wrapped around the Java API allowing us to consume the data through a Power Apps frontend.

Image complete power app with more items

What can you expect from this workshop?

As mentioned, it is a self-led workshop comprised of 7 labs.

  • Lab 0: Setup your environment
  • Lab 1: Getting the Java API up and running in Azure
  • Lab 2: Adding data with the ToDo API
  • Lab 3: Creating a Custom Connector
  • Lab 4: Testing a Custom Connector
  • Lab 5 Creating a Power Apps Canvas App
  • Lab 6: Adding data to a Power Apps Canvas App

This workshop provides citizen developers the unique opportunity to experience the deployment of a traditionally developed API before consuming it in the Power Platform, and allows professional developers to see exactly how their skills can be used to extend the capabilities of the Power Platform.

How can you get started?

You can find the workshop by visiting: If you have any questions, feel free to submit a GitHub Issue and we’ll follow up with you in the repository.

Happy Building!


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