Language support for Tasks!

Stephen Toub - MSFT

Today is a very exciting day for Parallel Extensions, and indeed for all developers using C# and Visual Basic and who are interested in writing more responsive and scalable applications. At the PDC this morning, Anders Hejlsberg just announced the Visual Studio Async CTP, which you can download immediately from the landing page at  This CTP installs on top of Visual Studio 2010, and adds 1st-class language support to C# and Visual Basic for both consuming and producing Task and Task<TResult> instances.  While  on the surface that may not sound groundbreaking, the functionality this feature provides is truly going to revolutionize the way developers are able to write asynchronous code, making it almost as straightforward as synchronous code.  And it’s all done in terms of tasks.

We’ll be talking a lot more about the Async CTP in coming posts.  For now, point your browser to, download the CTP, install it, and give it a whirl.  In addition to installing the bits, the download also includes detailed whitepapers, fun samples, and more.



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