I’m speaking at the brand new Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre tomorrow

Raymond Chen

The Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre in Vancouver¹ opened less than two months ago. It still has the new-building smell. And I’ll be speaking there tomorrow at 11am. This will be a more relaxed version of the five-minute talk on blogging I gave at TechReady² a few weeks ago. So instead of five minutes of intense panic, it’ll be an hour of relaxed panic.

The talk is only for Microsoft employees, so basically this message is useful only to the few hundred Microsoft employees who work in the Vancouver area. But this is another case of “How do you get Raymond to speak at your conference? You invite him.” We have a family event in Vancouver this weekend, and the MCEC folks took advantage of my presence in their fair city to book a talk while I happened to be in town. Saves them the travel expenses.

For the Q&A, I’m asking people to bring a question that I can answer in one minute, so I can reuse it on One Dev Minute. If you want to pretend you’re attending my talk, you can ask an answerable-in-one-minute question in the comments below. After all, if I don’t have any questions to answer, then there won’t be any more videos.

¹ Vancouver, British Columbia, to be precise. Normally, one needs to be careful, because there is also Vancouver, Washington, which is about five an a half hours’ drive (and a border crossing) away from Vancouver, British Columbia. On the other hand, the fact that it’s the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre should be a tip-off that it’s in, y’know, Canada.

² TechReady is a Microsoft internal conference that takes place in Seattle around twice a year. My colleague Chris Jackson occasionally asks me to give a presentation there, and occasionally I agree.


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