Don’t be helpless: You can find information too, if you try (episode 3)

Raymond Chen


Sometimes the information you receive regarding the location of a document or other resource is not perfectly correct.

I put the script on \\scratch\temp\bob\widgetstuff\enable­widgets.cmd.

But then you look, and oh no it’s not there!

Don’t give up yet.

Look around you.

Maybe the script is in a nearby directory. Maybe Bob misspelled the path or file name.

Got it, thanks. It was actually in a scripts subdirectory, but I was extra smart and figured that out for myself! I deserve a cookie.

I have been known to give information that is intentionally ever-so-slightly incorrect in an obvious way (like misspelling a function name or providing the wrong number of parameters), so that the person receiving the information will be forced to look around.

Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen

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