First, try reading the error message, episode 4: Even programmers see error messages without reading them

Raymond Chen

Same story, different details. It’s the same internal programmer’s tool which I have been calling Program Q. Many people have written scripts that help to manage your q tables.

I’m trying to fribble my q table, but the fribble script gives me the following error:

fribble: Error: Could not refresh counterbalances. Please manually run q refresh frib1 frib2 -r library

What does this mean, and what should I do?

Apparently, this programmer just froze up and stopped reading at the word “error”. The error message is two sentences long. The first sentence answers the first question. The second sentence answers the second question.

I can’t even explain this away as a TL;DR. How can two sentences, each of which answers a question you asked, count as TL?


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