The details of the major incident were not clearly articulated, but whatever it is, it's already over

Raymond Chen

When a server is taken offline, be it a planned unplanned outage or an unplanned unplanned outage or something else, the operations team send out a series of messages alerting customers to the issue. Some time ago, I received a notification that went like this:

From: Adam Smith
Subject: Nosebleed Service : Major Incident Notification – Initial
Date: mm/dd/yyyy 1:16AM

Major Incident Notification


Affected Users


Start: mm/dd/yyyy 12:00AM Pacific Standard Time
mm/dd/yyyy 8:00AM UTC
End: No ETA at this time.

Incident Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes



Continued Notifications


Information & Support

  • Other Support: Please send questions or feedback to

Thank you,

Adam Smith
IT Major Incident Management

Well that clears things up.

Curiously, the message includes an incident duration but doesn’t have an ETA. Thankfully, the message was sent one minute after the incident was over, so by the time I got it, everything was back to normal.


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