Why aren't environment variables being expanded in my RGS file?

Raymond Chen


A customer was having trouble with their RGS file.

I want to include the below line in a .rgs file:

val HandlerPath = s '%windir%\system32\awesome.dll'.

When I do this, registering of the dll fails with 80002009. Any help?
If I change it to

val HandlerPath = s 'C:\windows\system32\awesome.dll'.

then the registration succeeds (but of course now contains
a hard-coded path).

A common problem people have when asking a question is assuming
that the person reading your question has knowledge that is a
strict superset of what you know.
As a result, people omit details like
the answer to the question
“How did you register your RGS file?”

If all else fails read the documentation
(which happens to be the #1 hit for “rgs file”, or at least was
at the time of this writing).
And the documentation explains

how the % works
And it’s not for environment variable expansion.

Just because you stick something between percent signs
doesn’t mean that the magical percent sign fairies are going
to swoop in and perform environment variable expansion.

Wishful thinking does not cause features to spring into existence

As the documentation says,
you need to use the
create the mapping for replacement variables.

This type of question reflects a certain mentality which is

cute when kids do it
but frustrating when demonstrated by programmers,
namely, that features exist
merely because you expect them to,
rather than because there’s any documentation that
suggests that they exist.

Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen

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