How to get your laptop to resume from standby in under two seconds

Raymond Chen

One of my colleagues recently posted the story of the work he did to get laptops to resume quickly. The fun part was implementing the optimizations in the kernel. The not-fun part was finding all the drivers who did bad things and harassing their owners into fixing the bugs.

One some laptops, he could get the resume time down to an impressive one second. And then entropy set in.

It’s likely you’ve never seen a real off-the-shelf laptop resume this quickly. And the reason is that as soon as you stop twisting the arms of all the driver writers, they stop worrying about how fast your laptop resumes and go back to worrying about when they can get their widget driver mostly working so they can get through WHQL and sell their widget.

But now you have some tools to fight back, at least a little bit. The second half of that article explains how to use the event viewer to track down which drivers are ruining your resume time and disable them.


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