Richard E. Grant as Dr. Who

Raymond Chen

While waiting for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors to reach the States, I was tipped off to some animated Dr. Who episodes on the BBC web site. These are really well done and managed to slake my Doctor cravings for a little while longer.

In particular, Richard E. Grant’s second turn as the somewhat Earth-obsessed Time Lord in Scream of the Shalka is a must-see. The tired frustration of his Doctor is a refreshing change from the more amiable personas he’s had in recent incarnations. After saving the Earth (nay, the universe) from certain destruction for over forty years, you kind of can’t blame him for being fed up with the whole thing.

(Second turn as The Doctor? Yup. Richard E. Grant played The Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death, a spoof produced for the charity organization Comic Relief. I think Rowan Atkinson makes an excellent Doctor, if I may say so myself.)

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