WCF Data Services 5.0.1 Released

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We have just pushed the official bits for 5.0.1 to NuGet and should be releasing an updated MSI sometime within the next week. Thanks to feedback from the community we found and fixed several bugs, detailed below.

Release Notes

  • Added configuration setting to ODataLib to allow users to intercept the XML reader before ODataLib processes the payload
  • Fixes bug where DateTime values do not roundtrip properly in JSON verbose
  • Fixes bug where $metadata requests fail on services with both actions and service operations
  • Fixes bug where $expand requests fail on Oracle providers
  • Fixes bug where vocabulary annotations in an external annotations file fail to resolve the target

What does the MSI do?

All of the fixes detailed above are in the NuGet bits. There is one additional fix in the MSI for code generation against services that have multiple overloads for a function import. One important nuance of the MSI is that it removes the WCF Data Services DLLs from the GAC. (The 5.0.1 MSI is an upgrade to the 5.0 MSI, which means that the 5.0 MSI gets uninstalled and its install actions – including the GACing of the DLLs – are reversed.) We have blogged previously about leaving the GAC.

Where should the MSI be installed?

The MSI should only be installed on development machines as it solely contains tooling fixes. If the MSI is installed on a production Web server running a WCF Data Services 5.0.0 service that was not bin deployed, the service may stop functioning.

Feedback Please

As we begin to release more quickly and issue more prereleases, your feedback is critical to the process. Please leave your comments and thoughts below.


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