OData Connected Service 0.12.0 Release

Clément Habinshuti

OData Connected Service 0.12.0 has been released on the Visual Studio Marketplace. This release includes the following changes:

  • Set default settings to more reasonable options
  • Added support for reference models with relative URI
  • Bug fixes and improved error messages


Restored default settings

Some default options were inadvertently changed in a previous update, leading to default options that do not make sense for the majority of use cases. We have restored the affected default values to more reasonable options:

  • Default file name: Reference
  • Enable entity and property tracking: True
  • Use C# casing: True
  • Ignore unexpected names and attributes: True
  • Service name: OData Service

Visit this page to learn more about available settings and their impact on the code generation process.

Support for reference models with relative URIs

In previous version, you would get an error f your metadata document had a reference to an external model, and this reference was specified using a relative URI like in the following example

<edmx:Reference Uri="/path/to/external/model.xml">
   <edmx:Include Namespace="External.Namespace" />

This is now supported by the connected service.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some regression errors that caused code generation to fail when using metadata based on OData V1-V3
  • Fixed regression errors that occurred due to UI updates not running on UI thread
  • Improve error message that’s displayed when the appropriate CLR type of a schema element cannot be found
  • Fix issue causing warnings in Visual Studio  due to an empty metadata file when generating T4 templates

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  • Eugene Bekker 1

    What options do I have if I want to generate a client proxy against an OData v3 endpoint?

    I’m looking for something that I can use in .NET Core, so it needs to be async-friendly.

    Bonus points, if I can use it from the CLI and without having to go through a GUI.

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