OData Connected Service 0.11.1 Release

Clément Habinshuti

OData Connected Service 0.11.1 has been released and is available in the Visual Studio Marketplace. This release includes the following features:

  • Search box for filtering entity types and operation imports to include in the client code
  • Add doc comments to generated code based on description annotations
  • Replace “source” and “keys” parameter names in generated code to avoid conflicts
  • A number of bug fixes

The extension has also been transferred to the .Net Foundation.

Search box for filtering entity types

Search boxes have been added to the Schema Types and Function/Action Import pages to make it easier to

find the items you want to include in the generated code. This is useful when your model has a large number

of schema elements.

Image OCS SearchBox

Generating doc comments from description annotations

In previous versions, all generated code elements had doc comments with a description like “There are no comments for Person in the schema”. The new version

extracts description annotations from the OData schema and uses them to generate corresponding doc comments. This improves Intellisense support for the client code.

Renaming source and key params to avoid conflicts

The generated code uses the parameter names source and keys in many places. Since these names might be common in some OData schemas, they sometime cause conflicts and compilation errors. The new version replaces these names in the generated code with _source and _keys respectively.

Bug fixes

  • Fix build errors caused by incompatible System.Text.Json version when using newer versions of OData client
  • Include enum types from enum collection properties in generated code to avoid compilation errors
  • Fix issue where false is generated as False (uppercase F) in C# code, causing errors
  • Fix issue causing undefined Edmx reference to appear in generated code


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