[Announcement] RESTier v0.6.0 Release

Vincent He

We are happy to announce that the RESTier 0.6.0 is released and available on NuGet.

0.6.0 is a release add fix several issues and add several key features, it has minor public API change comparing with previous release. Detailed release notes for v0.6.0 can be found here.

This is a quick preview of the items included in 0.6.0 release,

New features since 0.5.0-beta

Bug-fixes since 0.5.0-beta

  • [Issue #432] [PR #452] More meaningful exception message during model build.
  • [Issue #438] [PR #448] Make namespace consistent for entity type / operation / container in model.
  • [Issue #413] [PR #454] Auto pop entity type key from entity framework during model builder.
  • [Issue #426] [PR #424] Support method return nullable enum.
  • [Issue #459] [PR #458] Return 404 if single entity for bound operation does not exist.
  • [Issue #288] [PR #465] Return 204 if single navigation property is null.
  • [Issue #328] [PR #465] Return 404 when request property of non-exist entity or complex.
  • [PR #455] Improve RESTier routing which only fail to entity set controller if there is an action for the request.

A sample service is also created with newest package used and includes kinds of new features, refer to Trippin Samples for source code.

Anyone who uses previous version of RESTier is recommended to upgrade to this new version.

Anyone who wants to develop a new OData services within minutes and does not know or try RESTier before, try it, it greatly simplifies the effort needed to develop a new OData service. Refer to Document on how to start.

For any feature request, issue or idea please feel free to reach out to us at [Restier@Github].

For any questions, ask on Stack Overflow.

Contributions are welcomed and appreciated, refer to contribution guide on how to contribute.


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