[Announcement] ODataLib 6.6.0 Release


We are happy to announce that the ODL 6.6.0 is released and available on nuget along with the source code oncodeplex (please read the git history for the v6.6.0 code info and all previous version). Detailed release notes are listed below.

Bug Fix

  • Fix a bug that Client cannot serialize/deserialize a collection property whose element type is abstract complex type, but the element value is concrete 

New Features

    • Add Instance Annotation on ODataProperty and ODataComplexValue

    • UrlParser supports some Arithmetic Operators and built-in functions
      1. Support add, sub operators between DatetimeOffset and Duration
      2. Support the negation operator for duration
      3. Support following built-in functions
    • ODL supports advertising functions/actions which bound to a collection of entities in payload by using name/value pairs of title and target


Call to Action

You and your team are highly welcomed to try out this new version if you are interested in the new features and fixes above. For any feature request, issue or idea please feel free to reach out to us atodatafeedback@microsoft.com.


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