Jon Douglas

Principal Program Manager, NuGet

Jon Douglas is a Principal Program Manager for NuGet at Microsoft. In his spare time he is most likely spending time with his family, performing comedy improv, or playing video games.

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Performance and Polish with NuGet 5.9

NuGet 5.9 is a great release that brings a refined experience to everything package management. We’ve added a bunch of exciting quality of life improvements while also bringing you a more performant package management experience. We’re excited to see you use NuGet 5.9 & include it in your toolset to build amazing things with .NET.

Getting Started With NuGet 5.8

NuGet 5.8 is one of many releases in our .NET unification journey. Our NuGet tooling helps developers discover new .NET packages to use for their .NET applications, while making package management easier during your daily development.

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