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Mohamed Riad Gahlouz

We are excited to announce that now supports one of our top customer asks – advanced search! You can now use a multitude of sorting and filtering criteria to help find the best NuGet packages for your needs!

What’s new?


Welcome to the new NuGet search experience! You now have access to a variety of new options to customize your search queries, including package type filtering and additional sorting options.

The advanced search panel will let you sort by “Downloads” to see results in descending order of total download count and by “Recently updated” to find the most up-to-date relevant packages.

Additionally, the prerelease toggle will remain available to help you find the latest and greatest package versions.

For a detailed explanation of all the advanced search filter settings as well as how to use them to find the right package for your needs, check out our documentation on finding packages.

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What’s next?

While this feature adds several new options to customize your search queries, we know that filtering packages for framework compatibility (i.e. filter by .NET Core or .NET Framework compatibility) would be a tremendous improvement to the package search experience. If you’re passionate about compatibility filtering or want to contribute to the conversation, please checkout the GitHub issue and give it an upvote!

In the near future, we also plan to add the same level of search capabilities in Visual Studio to help you take advantage of advanced search without having to leave your development context. If you’re excited about advanced package search in Visual Studio and want to keep up with the conversation, upvote and monitor the GitHub issue.

We want to hear your feedback!

We want NuGet to meet the evolving needs of our community. Post a comment or use the GitHub issue tracking this experience to provide feedback, or ask questions about this feature.

For more general NuGet feedback and suggestions:


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  • Jens Hofmann 0

    The most important feature for me would be to list the whole Dependency-Tree (names + versions) in the details of a nuget package, not just the direct dependencies. In a first version a flat list of all transient dependencies (name + version) would be a good start.

    • Christopher GillMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Jens! This sounds like an interesting idea. Could you elaborate on how and when you would use this feature? Additionally, please consider filing a feature request on our Gallery repo.

      • Jens Hofmann 0

        It’s important for various reasons:
        – Upload new package + dependencies in own nget-feed (know before the uploading a single package that there are 100 dependencies)
        – See all dependencies to check their licenses ans early skip the package if a license is not valid for your company
        – See conflicting package versions of dependencies early (when you use some of the dependencies in different versions in your product)

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