Update on the Office 365 Unified API

Office Add-ins team

During the //build 2015 conference we released some really exciting news to our developer community about a new unified API surface for Office 365 and Microsoft cloud services. This API, known as Office 365 unified API, exposes information aggregated from multiple services in a single endpoint. To learn more about this API visit http://dev.office.com/unifiedAPIs.

Office 365 unified API is also the API for Office 365 Groups. You can learn more about Office 365 Groups here. At the time we announced the Office 365 unified API, there were some limitations and as we make progress closing those gaps we need to introduce some breaking changes. Today, we will introduce one of them: before there was a property “groupType” = “Unified” and now it is a collection “groupTypes”. You now need to pass “groupTypes”=[“Unified”] , instead of “groupType”=”Unified”, when creating a group. This is a breaking change in the API, so update your code if you’re accessing the Groups API through the Office 365 Unified API.

Here is a sample request to create a group:

  POST http://graph.microsoft.com/beta/myorganization/groups HTTP/1.1  Authoritzation Bearer: ....  Content-Type: application/json  {      "description":"This group is the best ever",      "displayName":"Contoso Design Group",      "groupTypes":["Unified"],      "mailEnabled":true,      "mailNickname":"contosodesign",      "securityEnabled":true  }  

Additional functionality that is now available for all tenants is /trendingAround and /workingWith relationships coming from Office Graph. With /trendingAround you get all documents relevant to the user and with /workingWith the people. To learn more about Office Graph go here.

Remember this API is currently in preview, and we are working hard to release it soon into general availability. As part of this effort we will continue making some changes, including breaking changes, in /beta to incorporate feedback and improve the API as we get ready for /V1.0.

Please continue to provide your feedback and questions via Stack Overflow and UserVoice (using the Office 365 unified API category.

Thank you for your input and happy coding.

~ Yina Arenas for the Office 365 unified API team

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