Tasks, OOF settings, and more improvements to the REST APIs

Jason Johnston

We wanted to update you on multiple additions and improvements we have made to our APIs since launching Outlook API V2.0 and Microsoft Graph V1.0 in November 2015. The features listed below are available in Outlook API preview endpoint https://outlook.office.com/api/beta.

  • Many of your asked us to add support for tasks, and Outlook Tasks API is now available!
  • We have added the ability to get and set automatic replies for the signed in user. This is a very popular feature in Outlook for “Out of Office” messages. Using client credential flow, you can also use this API to view any user’s Out of Office message in the organization.
  • For online meetings using Skype for Business, we now return the Skype URL as a first class property. This comes in handy when a user wants to launch a Skype for Business call directly from a meeting.
  • Smart reply and forward feature enables an app, with a single round trip to the service (instead of 3), to let a user edit recipients and other info in a reply or a message being forwarded, and send it.

All of these features except Outlook Task APIs are also available at Microsoft Graph preview endpoint https://graph.microsoft.com/beta. You can get more info at http://graph.microsoft.io.

We have also updated Outlook OAuth Sandbox with additional sample requests, add headers, and you can now try out APIs, that need write permissions, with your Office 365 or Outlook.com accounts.

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