Office Add-ins on OneNote Online (in Preview)

OneNote API support

Hello OneNote developers! The OneNote Add-ins team is happy to announce OneNote Online support for the Office Add-in model (in Preview)! Soon you’ll be able to develop add-ins for OneNote and make them available world-wide from the Office Store, or upload them to a Corporate Catalog for enterprise access.

What’s an Office Add-in?

An Office Add-is a web application that loads inside an Office application. An add-in can be as simple as a manifest file and a webpage. The manifest tells the Office application about your add-in, like the URL of your web app, what type of add-in it is, and which Office products are supported. The web app is hosted on a web server, so you can easily update it from there.

Office Add-in cartoon

OneNote supports all three types of add-in:.

  • Task pane add-ins that open on the side of a OneNote page
  • Content add-ins that run in the main frame of a OneNote page
  • Add-in commands that extend the OneNote ribbon and context menu

Watch Vijay’s video from Build 2016 to learn more about add-ins and to see a cool demo of the Skim.It Office Add-in running in OneNote Online. Add-ins can be written to support multiple Office applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Those of you familiar with our REST APIs will find the same top-level hierarchy of notebooks, sections, and pages. However, the new OneNote JavaScript API exposes a more granular object model for working with page content. When developing OneNote add-ins, you’ll use the JavaScript API with an asynchronous batch pattern. You can learn more about this in the OneNote add-ins overview or by checking out our Rubric Grader sample.

Right now, this is a limited private preview. If you want to start developing OneNote add-ins, you’ll need to contact us to get set up with a notebook that you can use for development.

In May, we’ll make the development environment available to all developers.

In Summer 2016, we’ll GA and enable support for OneNote add-ins in the Office Store.

So start thinking about the great OneNote add-ins you’ll create! Contact us @onenotedev with hashtag #requestaddin for more information.

Let us know what you think of the OneNote JavaScript APIs! You can post or upvote suggestions on UserVoice and ask questions on Stack Overflow tagged onenote-api. And if you missed Build, check out What’s new at Build 2016 for Office Developers.

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