Skype for Business usage reports deprecation in Microsoft Graph production and beta endpoints 

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Updated June 27, 2023: We’ve heard your feedback and will be adjusting the retirement plan for these APIs to be in accordance with the Microsoft Lifecyle Policy. All the customers will start to notice that the Skype for Business usage report APIs will stop containing usage measures in the API response starting from July 31, 2023. While customers can expect the APIs to continue to accept requests from clients, the response may not contain usage measures for Skype for Business. The service will be fully retired on July 31, 2025.


Microsoft Graph is the modern API for the Microsoft 365 platform.  We make continuous, significant investments in its security, performance, and features to ensure it meets the needs of our own product teams as well as the global ecosystem of developers who build applications using its capabilities.  

While we’re investing in Microsoft Graph, we’re also examining our legacy surface areas. Some of our existing legacy services become obsolete based on the new functionality, and they no longer provide the best way to access Microsoft 365 data.

In July 2019, we announced the retirement of Skype for Business Online. Today we are announcing the deprecation of all Skype for Business usage and active users reports in Microsoft Graph v1.0 and beta endpoints, in worldwide/GCC cloud deployments. They will be decommissioned starting on April 30, 2023. Once the deprecation is complete, the service will be retired, and developers may no longer access it from worldwide/GCC clouds. 

A detailed list of the Skype for Business usage reports in the Microsoft Graph is below. Similar capabilities can be found in the Microsoft Teams device usage and user activity reports. 

Microsoft 365 usage reports in Microsoft Graph  Function (v1.0 link) 


Get user detail  

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessActivityCounts

Get activity counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessActivityUserCounts

Get user counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessDeviceUsageUserDetail

Get user detail 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessDeviceUsageDistributionUserCounts

Get distribution user counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessDeviceUsageUserCounts

Get user counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessOrganizerActivityCounts

Get activity counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessOrganizerActivityUserCounts

Get user counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessOrganizerActivityMinuteCounts

Get minute counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessParticipantActivityCounts

Get activity counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessParticipantActivityUserCounts

Get user counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessParticipantActivityMinuteCounts

Get minute counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessPeerToPeerActivityCounts

Get activity counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessPeerToPeerActivityUserCounts

Get user counts 

reportRoot: getSkypeForBusinessPeerToPeerActivityMinuteCounts

Get minute counts 


Skype for Business related attributes will be set as 0 or placeholder value from the Microsoft 365 active users reports responses below. Add those attributes will be removed once Skype for Business is deprecated from all clouds. 

Microsoft 365 active users reports in Microsoft Graph  Removed attributes in API response   

Function (v1.0 link) 


reportRoot: getOffice365ActiveUserDetail 

  • Has Skype for Business License 
  • Skype For Business Last Activity Date 
  • Skype for Business License Assign Date 


Get user detail 

reportRoot: getOffice365ActiveUserCounts 

  • Skype for Business 


Get user counts 

reportRoot: getOffice365ServicesUserCounts 

  • Skype for Business Active 
  • Skype for Business Inactive 


Get services user counts 


What do I need to do?

Please review the below information on how to get started with Microsoft Teams. For additional assistance please reach out to your Microsoft account team. 

We understand changes like this may cause some inconvenience, but we are confident it will ensure more secure, reliable, and performant experiences for our customers. Thank you in advance for updating and opening your apps to a wider range of useful and intelligent features on Microsoft Graph. We are excited about the growing opportunities that Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Teams offers to developers. 

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