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We’re excited to welcome all the Microsoft customers and partners from around the world traveling to Orlando, plus the thousands more attending virtually, to Ignite 2018. We’re pleased to share the latest news and updates about the investments we’re making in the SharePoint platform, including the great new capabilities also on the extensibility story. This blog post has a list of all the different SharePoint developer topics in the Ignite 2018. We have quite a few breakouts, theater sessions and also booths for you to attend and visit.

SharePoint Developer Breakouts

There are again quite a few SharePoint Developer topics addressing different core capabilities in our platform. Microsoft Graph and SharePoint Framework have a big role in Ignite due to obvious reasons, but there are also other topics covered in the sessions. Notice also that there are numerous other SharePoint functionality sessions, which are not mentioned in the below shortlist, but do overlap with extensibility capabilities like sessions related to modern portals, branding and SharePoint Site Designs.

  • BRK3290Integrate OneDrive and SharePoint files, collaboration and sharing using Microsoft GraphDaron Spektor (Microsoft), Jeremy Kelley (Microsoft) – Every app works with and store files in some form or another. Learn everything you need to know on how to read, write, and extend files within OneDrive and SharePoint, including the latest enhancements made to the Microsoft Graph APIs.
  • BRK3314The SharePoint Framework: What’s new and what’s nextLuca Bandinelli (Microsoft), Pat Miller (Microsoft) – Join us for an overview of the SharePoint UX development landscape. Discover the new capabilities available to developers to extend and enrich SharePoint Pages with powerful solutions. We also show a “sneak peek” on upcoming features and capabilities to allow building even more powerful solutions in SharePoint and across the Office 365 platform.
  • BRK3316Kick-start your development with SharePoint Developer Community (PnP) open-source projects and assets – Elio Struyf (Valo Intranet), Paolo Pialorsi (, Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) – SharePoint has extremely active developer community and together with the SharePoint engineering they have released numerous valuable reusable components and controls, which will simplify the design, implementation, and management of Office 365 and on-premises deployments. Join on this session to hear the latest updates around the different guidance, samples and reusable assets built by the community for the community.
  • BRK3319Design and build modern experiences with Office UI Fabric and Fluent – Adam Ford (Microsoft), Peter Jahn (Microsoft) – Office UI Fabric is the official design system and framework for building experiences that fit seamlessly into Office 365 and other Microsoft 365 services. Come to learn how to use Fabric’s new Fluent toolkits, style packages, and other resources to design and build web apps that use the Fluent Design Language.
  • BRK3273From start to finish: How to create your modern SharePoint site provisioning solution – Drew Madelung (Concurrency), Vlad Catrinescu (Valo Intranet) – Creating modern SharePoint sites only takes a second but what if you want to customize or control that process? It can be a challenge to keep up with all the sites in an organization and can affect the support and governance of a SharePoint environment. In this session, learn how to use Microsoft’s latest tools such as Site Designs, Site Scripts, PnP Site Provisioning, PowerApps and Flow to create a full site provisioning system with custom templates, custom branding, and easy approval before creation!
  • BRK2263SOLID as a rock: Overcoming the agility challenge applying agile engineering practices with Microsoft Office 365 and the SharePoint FrameworkEamonn Hegarty (Pramerica), Richard Fisher (Pramerica) – In this session we show you how Prudential Financial leveraged agile engineering practices to establish a state-of-the-art application development pipeline leveraging Office 365 and the SharePoint Framework. Without a SOLID agile engineering foundation, it is difficult if not impossible to ensure successful agile software project delivery. Modern software development projects require a code base that is extensible and adaptable to change. Agile engineering practices like Test Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development, UI Automation, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Development are some of the key topics we discuss.

SharePoint Developer Theather sessions

  • THR3094Design for engaging web parts and teams tabs – Adam Ford (Microsoft), Cathy Dew (Microsoft) – Learn best practices for how to create web parts of Teams tabs that look great, are responsive, and feel part of the larger Office 365 Design Pattern. You’ll learn tools and starter kits you can use as a developer as well as hear from real best practices from the SharePoint Design team!
  • THR2227Developing functionality for Microsoft Teams using the SharePoint FrameworkLarry Jin (Microsoft) – With the new Teams functionality in the SharePoint Framework, developers can now build applications specifically for Microsoft Teams. What’s more, since these solutions are built in the SharePoint Framework, developers can easily access information from all of Office 365 providing visibility and functionality like never before. Thanks to the SharePoint Framework in Teams, users may never need to leave the Teams client for their most common tasks.
  • THR3095Migrating legacy solutions to modern framework – Erwin van Hunen (Rencore), Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) – Whether you are preparing your on-prem environment or trying to future proof your current portal in Office 365, come to this session to learn the best ways to move your existing investments in SharePoint to modern experiences and frameworks.
  • THR2139Customizing SharePoint and Microsoft Teams with SharePoint Framework web partsOlli Jääskeläinen (Sulava) – SharePoint Framework is the most powerful way to customize SharePoint Online sites. In this presentation, get a running start on building web parts to digitalize the modern workplace. Web parts are nice building blocks, usually fulfilling one custom business requirement, and can be added to both SharePoint pages as well as Tabs in Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint Developer booths

We will have few SharePoint specific booths again on the expo floor and we are looking into having discussions with you. If you have any feedback or comments around the SharePoint development platform, don’t hesitate to drop by and let’s have a chat. This year SharePoint Dev related booths are the following:

  • SharePoint Framework & PnP – This is a combined booth for SharePoint Framework and our SharePoint development community topics. We will be staffing this booth with SharePoint engineering people and PnP Core Team members. You will see at least following people in this booth: Luca Bandinelli (Microsoft), Pat Miller (Microsoft), Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft), Erwin van Hunen (Rencore), Paolo Pialorsi (, Elio Struyf (Valo Intranet), Chris Kent (DMI) and Andrew Connell (Voitanos)
  • Files, Sites & Lists in Microsoft Graph – This booth concentrates on the Microsoft Graph APIs for SharePoint and OneDrive and will be staffed with SharePoint engineering people. You will see at least following people in this booth: Cathy Dew (Microsoft), Daron Spektor (Microsoft), Jeremy Kelley (Microsoft), Ed Averett (Microsoft) and Chris Hackman (Microsoft)

Hopefully, we’ll see you in Ignite this year. If you are around, please do drop by and let’s have a chat, the team is looking forward to meeting you!

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 10th of September 2018

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