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Alongside our roll-outs of new developer features, like the SharePoint Framework, we’re working to overhaul our documentation and resources that help developers get started with SharePoint.  In that spirit, we have the following set of updates to our documentation to share:

SharePoint Developer Hub

We have recently added a SharePoint developer page on, with links to recently announced technologies and resources such as SharePoint Framework documentation, as well as other major topics of SharePoint.  We like to think of this as the “hub” for getting started with SharePoint development.

SharePoint Framework Developer Documentation

We have been using GitHub Wiki as the primary portal for SharePoint Framework developer preview documentation. In the next few days, we will move the documentation from GitHub Wiki to the Office Dev Center so that it is consolidated in one place.

We do need your help to make the documentation better. We’re grateful for all the feedback we’ve been getting on SharePoint Framework Developer documentation – keep it coming!  You can continue to log issues via Github Issues on the sp-dev-docs repo.  We’re now also accepting community contributions to our SharePoint Framework documentation via Github.  Details on how to submit pull requests are available here.

SharePoint Client-side Web Parts GitHub Repository

We’re opening up a sp-dev-fx-webparts GitHub repository where you can find the source code for client-side web parts used in the documentation.  You will also find sample web parts created by the SharePoint Framework product team and the community. We will soon start accepting contributions here as well.

That said, these updates are really just the beginning.  There is a lot of information on SharePoint out there, and whether you’re experienced with SharePoint development or just getting started, we want to make it easy for you to find the resources you’re looking for. We have plans to create more instructional and reference samples, best practices, and documentation for developers, as well as pull-in and integrate existing SharePoint developer reference material on MSDN.

We look forward to streamlining the process of getting to the right documentation, samples, training, and guidance – and make SharePoint easier for all developers.

Thanks, and happy coding!

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