Office at Ignite 2020

Microsoft 365 Platform team

Welcome to Ignite 2020! While this year feels different compared to others, we are excited to share our sessions for Ignite and hear from you. Ignite 2020 will be open access – whether you’re sharpening your skills or building your first ever Office integration, we hope that you are able to take away something from all the rich new features and content our Program Managers have prepared with our partners and customers.  

Office: Outlook and Excel Add-Ins, Office Scripts 

Modern workers now face three major challenges: overwhelming amounts of data, increased time demand, and growing needs for protection and security. We can address these challenges with Office Web Add-Ins and increase your productivity. Developers who are building the evolution of work can optimize Outlook even further – by looking to what’s ahead and how we can integrate solutions seamlessly into an Outlook experience. Email functionality is top of mind for everyone, we can learn from CodeTwo, a Microsoft 365 partner, on how to build signatures directly into our emails.  

Excel is the world’s most popular language. This year we will continue to expand on new ways for developers to extend with Excel Add-Ins. With keyboard shortcuts, an open in Excel button, and integrations with partners like Oracle to optimize your data, there are new ways to keep your productivity at the highest level. Our Program Managers are excited to share what’s in preview, and how you can be part of a powerful community.  

Office Scripts preview is now rolling out the change to be available by default to all eligible users. Office Scripts for Excel on the web has exciting updates. If you are new to coding, we have new capabilities to record and automate workbook-based processes, and the ability to run a script with Power Automate. IT Admins experience an increased need for protection and security – Office Scripts can address this with new governance capabilities to help admins control how scripting is used in their organization.  

As modern work evolves, we can use Office to make us more productive, work with anyone all over the world, and secure our data.   


This year we are continuing to share how you can make the most of SharePoint Files and Lists. You’ll learn how to build apps, manage business processes, and automate workflows. We will continue to expand on modern productivity by building cross-platform solutions with SharePoint Framework. SharePoint Framework, or SPFx, helps bring your work to wherever your users work. Connecting us between SharePoint and Teams apps, we will share how to build and deploy them through App Source. Finally, we heard from you in our open-source community and want to show you how easy it is for developers everywhere to create new Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint projects. Learn about PnP assets and how to get started. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback on what you learned during Ignite 2020. For more announcements and details on the platform, visit our Virtual Hub 

Feature Updates


  1. Outlook Mailbox 1.9 JS API –  GA coming soon 
  2. Script Lab for Outlook – GA
  3. Online Meetings in Mobile – GA
  4. Event-based Add-ins  -Preview 


  1. Excel 1.12 APIs – GA
  2. Excel Custom Functions 1.3 – GA
  3. Enable/Disable Ribbon commands – GA
  4. Dialog API 1.2 – GA

Office Scripts 

  1. Enhanced Admin Controls
  2. Office Scripts is starting to roll out the change to be on by default starting with the Targeted Release audience.

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