Office add-ins for work or school accounts

Office Add-ins team

Office add-ins for work or school accounts

We’re pleased to announce a new capability for Office add-ins – the ability to associate an Office add-in with work or school accounts.

Before this capability, users needed to sign in with a personal Microsoft account to access owned add-ins on all of their devices: the list of add-ins associated with a particular account was stored along with a user’s personal Microsoft account. We had received feedback that this inhibited certain organizations from allowing users to access and use Store add-ins, because IT professionals in these organizations lacked visibility into what add-ins were being used in their organizations.

With this feature, Office 365 users in the enterprise will have Store add-ins associated with their work or school accounts, and will be able to use these add-ins on all devices where they sign in using these accounts. In cases where users have already associated a Microsoft account for Store add-ins, any new add-ins will automatically be associated with their work or school accounts if that is the primary account used to sign in to Office. Users will be able to view all add-ins on the My Add-ins dialog box.

This feature is now enabled for all users of the Office 2016 and Office 365 desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project) and we plan to enable this functionality in the future for Office Online and Office for iPad – allowing more users to access and use Office add-ins.

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