Microsoft Graph Sample Data Packs Now Available in Office 365 Developer Program

Michael Aldridge

Today there is something new for Microsoft 365 developers to make it easier to learn, explore and test your solutions!

One of the top requests from the developer community was to have an easier easy way to automate their sandbox configuration with sample users and data. Why? Because it took too much time to create sample users with simulated email accounts and data, when they just wanted to try out a concept or experiment with our platforms.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of two sample data packs to help remove this pain point with basic automated sandbox creation:

  • Users – Includes fictitious users, metadata, and photos to simulate a small corporate environment of 16 users.
  • Mail & Events (to be installed after Users) – Populates Outlook email conversations and calendar events for each of the 16 sample users.

While we designed this to help you learn how to use Microsoft Graph, you can use this for other applications or solution you are designing to help you model and test your solution.

This is the first of many new features coming this year to create new value for developers in the Office 365 Developer Program.

How can I use these sample data packs with Microsoft Graph?


  • Get specific user details
  • Update user
  • Get direct reports
  • Prepare organization chart
  • Get users by department

Mail and Events

Use Microsoft Graph APIs to work with mail and events sample data in the following ways:

  • Get emails by users
  • Get emails filtered by date
  • Get upcoming events
  • Update/delete upcoming events

How do I get sample data packs?

Sample data packs are available today for all Office 365 Developer Program members, including Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise subscribers, who have a valid Office 365 Developer Subscription.

You can find sample data packs on your Office 365 Developer Program dashboard, at the bottom of your Office 365 subscription tile.

Note: You must have 16 users available in your developer subscription to install the Users sample data pack.

New Sample Data Packs in the Office 365 Developer Program
New Sample Data Packs in the Office 365 Developer Program

To learn more about how to install and use sample data packs, see our new documentation now available today.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog tutorial that will walk you through different Microsoft Graph scenarios to help you take full advantage of these sample data packs.

Finally, we want to hear your feedback on the Developer Program and these new features!

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