New Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) team members

Microsoft 365 PnP Team

We are excited to announce that we are extending our virtual Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) team with additional community members. PnP team is responsible of the different community activities in different community channels, including our open-source work in the GitHub. This team consist of Microsoft employees and community members (MVPs) focused on helping the community the best use of Microsoft products, like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint or API layer like Microsoft Graph.

We announced our new PnP team model in April 2020 with additional community members and are now further extending this team with both MVPs and Microsoft employees. We believe that working together as a team across the organization barriers, we can make even larger worldwide impact and helping other community member to succeed on adopting different practices within Microsoft 365 platform.

Luise Freese – Microsoft 365 ConsultantLuise

Luise Freese is an independent Microsoft 365 Consultant, Low Code Developer, and MVP for Office Apps & Services. She focuses on simplifying processes to transform businesses and being an ambassador for learning and sharing She challenges her customers to drive change towards transparency, collaboration and trust while establishing modern working methods in Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Azure. She profoundly believes in the power of community, which helped her to grow professionally and personally, and she loves to give back. In M365 PnP Community, her mission is to make this a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone who wants to build something on Microsoft 365, regardless of technical background, service, or approach they use. She aims to break down silos and unite people, so that everyone feels more connected, we can better understand people’s needs, and achieve more together.

You can read Luise’s blog at and you can follow her tweets at @LuiseFreese.

When Luise isn’t helping her clients, she can be found running or enjoying arts and nature.

Sébastien Levert – Senior Program ManagerSeb

Sébastien Levert is a Senior CPx Program Manager on the Microsoft Graph team where he is focusing on delivering an amazing Customer and Partner experience. Before joining Microsoft, Seb was an Office Development MVP for 6 years where he was focusing on building solutions mainly with client-side technologies levering all aspects of the Microsoft Cloud, including the Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365.

You can read Seb’s blog at and you can follow his tweets at @sebastienlevert.

As part of the PnP Core Team, Seb will help in building apps using the Microsoft Graph Toolkit and showcase its value within Microsoft 365 solutions and will be help creating a tighter relationship between the SharePoint ecosystem and the Microsoft Graph!

If you are looking for more details on what Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) is all about, see more details on the different activities and projects from

There are also numerous exciting new projects under development which will be released as open-source solutions soon addressing Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Microsoft Graph and SharePoint areas. We want to thank also the countless of other community members who have been involved on this journey for past years. We still consider this as just a start and are looking your feedback and input to further improve the processes and model we use.

Got ideas, feedback, comments on our community work? – Don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here for you.

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Wednesday 2nd of December, 2020

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