New App registrations experience is now generally available!

Microsoft identity platform team

Hi there!

I’m excited to announce that the new App registrations experience in the Azure Portal is now generally available worldwide and in national clouds! Last November we kicked off the public preview for this experience and since then we’ve seen a number of organization and developers using the new experience and have been working hard to polish it.

You’ve told us that you love the new experience, so we hope you’re as excited as we are!

In case you missed it: the new app registrations experience includes all the features you’re familiar with in the old experiences found in the Azure portal or Application Registration Portal and improves upon them through:

  • Better app management – Instead of seeing your applications across different portals, you’ll see all your apps in one list in the new experience.
  • Simplified app registration – From an improved navigation experience to a revamped permission selection experience, it’s easier to register and manage your application.
  • Detailed information – You’ll find additional details about your app, quick start guides, and more.


The comprehensive app list shows all the apps that you’ve registered using the old experiences, the new experience, and APIs. It also shows additional data such as the creation date and status of certificates & secrets.

We’ve added more quickstarts which proactively propose changes to your app and provide configuration code that you can copy into your app. In addition to JavaScript, ASP.NET, Windows Desktop, iOS, and Android, we’ve added quickstarts for Universal Windows Platform (UWP), .NET Core console (daemon), and ASP.NET Core.

APIs and permissions are easier to find and request. View description for the top Microsoft APIs and search through the categorized permissions.

Easily define and manage scopes for your APIs using the new user interface that prompts you to provide the relevant fields.

What’s next

In the following weeks, we will be removing the old App registrations experience in the Azure portal as well as most of the functionality in the Application Registration Portal. We’ll keep this portal around only for apps registered for use solely with Microsoft account (Live SDK apps).

We will continue to improve the App registrations experience so please send us any feedback you have.


Ben Vincent The Microsoft Identity Platform Team


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