MSAL.NET 3.0-preview now available

Microsoft identity platform team

We are excited to announce the release of MSAL.NET 3.0-preview, which has a number of changes that will improve your experiences.

Since our release of MSAL.NET 2.0-preview in August, we’ve been receiving great feedback from the community. Since August we’ve released fourteen incremental updates of MSAL.NET, improving both the API and the behavior of the library. You’ve been awesome helping us make MSAL.NET a great authentication library, but you also told us that things could be improved upon.

We’ve made several enhancements to MSAL.NET which include:

  • More flexibility in configuring apps
  • More options to acquire tokens
  • An API that enables you to test your apps more efficiently
  • Ability to provide your own customized web view

There are number of additional changes we’ve made to MSAL.NET and our API, including a few breaking changes. To learn more about the specific details and associated breaking changes, visit our release notes on GitHub.

If you have any feedback, questions or comments on our release, we would love to hear it.  You can post your questions or comments here.

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