Microsoft Graph Toolkit offers new Tools and Updates!

Elise Yang

Today, we are releasing an update to the Microsoft Graph Toolkit. Thanks to feature requests from the community, we have introduced two new features: the mgt-get component and a Proxy Provider. In addition, we have enhanced existing components and fixed a number of bugs.

New Component: mgt-get

The mgt-get component allows you to make a GET query to any Microsoft Graph API directly in your HTML – just provide an HTML template that will be used to render the data. This component makes it easy to quickly get started and prototype your experiences without writing a single line of JavaScript. See an example below, and for more details, read our documentation.

Example: GET my messages with the mgt-get component

<mgt-get resource="/me/messages">
    <div data-for="email in value">
      <h2>{{ email.subject }}</h2>
  <template data-type="error">
    {{ this }}

See this jsfiddle for a more comprehensive example!

New Provider: Proxy Provider

To enable the Microsoft Graph Toolkit to work with server-side authentication, we have introduced the Proxy Provider. Many developers use server-side authentication, such as the On-Behalf-Of flow, to authenticate users and make requests to Microsoft Graph through their backend service. Initially, the Microsoft Graph Toolkit worked only through client-side authentication out of the box. Now, the Proxy Provider enables the Microsoft Graph Toolkit components to make calls to Microsoft Graph via a backend service.

To learn more, read our documentation, and check out our sample that demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Graph Toolkit component with an ASP.NET MVC backend.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

We’ve taken feedback from the community to add several new features to the existing set of components, including support for the person card in the agenda, people, and tasks components, support for filtering planners for a specific group in the tasks component, and the ability to assign people to tasks using the people picker in the tasks component. We’ve also fixed a number of bugs, such as fixing touch interaction with the person card component and rendering initials in the person component.

Get Started

As a reminder, you can get started with the Microsoft Graph Toolkit with only few lines of code via our bundle or NPM package, and it works great in any web environment, including SharePoint web parts and Microsoft Teams tabs. You can join us on Github to view our roadmap, provide feedback, request features and components, and/or contribute features for future releases.

Happy coding!

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