Microsoft Graph insights API is now available in v1.0

Microsoft Graph team

Hello Developers!

We’re happy to announce that the Microsoft Graph insights API is now generally available worldwide. Where you could previously only consume insights through the beta endpoint, you can now find the officeGraphInsights resource type directly off the user type on the production v1.0 endpoint.

A quick recap of what this means for you — insights are relationships that we calculate using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. Today we offer the following relationship types:

  • /user/insights/trending – Returns documents hosted in Microsoft 365 that you have access to and are popular among your closer colleagues.
  • /user/insights/used – Returns documents hosted in Microsoft 365 that a user has interacted with, when you have access to both the document and visibility into the interaction (you can see a person’s file edits but not their file opens).
  • /user/insights/shared – Returns documents shared with a user within Microsoft 365. This includes email and calendar attachments, as well as document links shared in a Microsoft 365 conversational platform (for example, a link shared in a Teams chat).

Because all these endpoints are now available in v1.0, you can use them in your production scenarios.

What’s next?

With our APIs now generally available, we’ll continue our journey to expose a wider set of productivity insights to the world. We have been serving millions of your queries through our beta endpoints and we’re looking forward to serving millions more through v1.0 going forward.

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