Microsoft Graph SDK for JavaScript – Updates for May 2019

Darrel Miller

In the run up to Microsoft Build and shortly after we made a significant set of improvements to our JavaScript SDK. We also have continued to regularly update our Typescript Models to ensure you always have the complete set of types that correspond to the Microsoft Graph API. If you are looking to experiment with our beta APIs you will find those types on the beta branch.

New Features

  • MSAL authentication provider to automatically use the MSAL library to authorize Graph API requests.
  • ES6 module files under lib/es folder
  • Retry Middleware will automatically handle 429 and 503 responses, respecting the retry-after header when present.
  • Secure Redirect Middleware. This prevents leaking your Graph authorization token when redirecting to other hosts.


  • Large file upload with customized options. This enables uploading files to SharePoint, OneDrive for Business
  • Added isComplete() to PageIterator task
  • Removed generated files from the repository
  • Added Linter and Prettier
  • Added tslib to reduce the output js size
  • Updated samples for browser and node environment

More details of the releases can be found on the the GitHub Releases page.

SDK Package

Typescript Graph Types

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