Microsoft Graph PowerShell Preview – Now on PowerShell Gallery

Darrel Miller

The Microsoft Graph PowerShell Preview 0.1.1 is now available on the PowerShell Gallery.


You can install the package using:

Install-Module Microsoft.Graph

Although this new version is now called just Microsoft.Graph, without the beta suffix, for the moment it still targets the Beta APIs only. Future updates of this module will allow you to select between targeting the V1 or the Beta API. Details on how to uninstall the old version are provided in the GitHub repo.


You can use the following command to discover the commands that are included in the Microsoft Graph modules.

get-command -Module Microsoft.Graph.*

Check out the samples in our GitHub repository for examples of what you can do.


Based on community feedback the Microsoft Graph module has introduced a prefix to all the Microsoft Graph cmdlets to reduce the chance of conflicts with existing modules. Now, instead of calling:


the new command is,


What’s Changed

More details on the changes that have gone into this release can be found in our GitHub milestones.

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