Microsoft Build 2020 – Guide to the Microsoft 365 Developer Platform

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Microsoft Build is being delivered in a new way this year-right in the comfort of your own home. Presenting a digital event provides the developer community unique opportunities to come together for a truly global experience and it’s open to all to participate over a non-stop 48 hours.

First things first, to be sure you are getting the latest news for the week, follow us on Twitter – @Microsoft365Dev and #MSBuild.

If you haven’t already registered, you can do that at Then start building your schedule with keynotes, live sessions and a handful of community connections. To help you do this, we have provided descriptions of session types along with relevant detailed session information for content on the Microsoft 365 developer platform.

Keynote and Live Sessions

Start your Build 2020 experience by joining Rajesh Jha for the Microsoft 365 platform keynote.  He’ll share his thoughts about how to build tools for the new way to work and learn leveraging Microsoft Teams and advanced capabilities including Microsoft Graph and Fluid Framework.

Following Rajesh is a track stacked full of 30-minute digital breakout sessions with live Q&A. Our platform topics cover just about everything on the Microsoft 365 platform including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft identity platform, Windows, Fluid Framework, Office Scripts in Excel and more.

The best part is that we are offering each session three times for three different global regions – Americas, Europe/EMEA/Africa and Asia.

Community connections

In lieu of an in-person event, we have created new ways to engage with your peers in the community and the Microsoft PM teams. Session types span focus groups, sneak peeks, ask the team and expert Q&A. As with the live sessions, topics will span the full Microsoft 365 Developer Platform so you can interactively engage in the interest areas of your choosing.

We will also have interactive Interstitials that will show you how to build scalable apps, maximizing code reusability and getting the latest updates for developers.

Microsoft 365 developer platform live show

Join Jeremy Thake, Nikola Metulev and guests as they build out a Microsoft Teams app from scratch explaining the decisions as they go along. They’ll speak to the PMs who own various parts of the tools they use. You can strap in for the full 2 hours 45 minutes or drop in for 30 minute segments: Introduction  & Identity, Microsoft Graph Toolkit & SDK, Microsoft Graph APIs & Templating, Microsoft Teams Extensions & Bots, SPFx & PWA.

Skilling sessions

These pre-recorded sessions are designed to help you develop specific skills in a technology area. They 15-30 minute videos that cover topics across the Microsoft 365 developer platform. You can share these with co-workers and watch them multiple times! You can find them here.

We look forward to seeing you online!

Live session schedule

Session Code

Title Speaker(s)
INT100 Getting started building for Microsoft Teams Isabella Lubin, Karthig Balendran
INT102 4 building blocks for every collab app: Templates, Sites, Lists and Tasks Mike Ammerlaan
INT103 Create DevOps workspaces in Teams Siddharth Uppal
INT104 Build apps for Teams with low code/no code tools Efesa Origbo, Loki Meyburg
INT105 Building zero friction apps on Teams with SSO and Graph Nick Kramer
INT106 Your app, everywhere: Streamlined app management in Microsoft Teams Chhavi Bhasin, Vaibhav Agarwal
INT107 Microsoft Graph Live Dan Kershaw, Darrel Miller, Yina Arenas
INT108 Creating Trustworthy applications with Microsoft Identity Jeff Sakowicz, Agnieszka Girling, Philippe Signoret
INT109 Reach millions of users building apps with the Microsoft Identity Platform Jean-Marc Prieur, Saeed Akhter, Scott Rosemund
INT110 Microsoft Graph Services – Build powerful apps with Project Cortex, Connectors and more James Lau, Naomi Moneypenny
INT111 Unifying and evolving the Windows app platform Jesse Bishop, Paul Gusmorino
INT112 Expand your application’s reach in the enterprise with Windows Virtual Desktop Kam VedBrat
INT113 Create collaborative docs and apps with Microsoft Fluid Framework Nick Simons
INT114 Automate spreadsheets with Office Scripts in Microsoft Excel Eray Chou
INT115 Get started with Windows Package Manager Kevin Larkin
INT116 Everything you need to know about WinUI Miguel Angel Ramos Barroso, Ryan Demopoulos
INT117 Moving the web forward with Microsoft Edge and Chromium Melanie Richards
INT185 The new Windows command-line: Windows Terminal and WSL 2

Craig Loewen, Kayla Cinnamon

Build live sessions

Session Code Session Title Speaker(s)
BDL113 Teams Architecture – building scalable Teams apps
BDL114 Microsoft Edge: What’s New for Web Developers
BDL157 Creating Microsoft 365 apps with Microsoft Graph Toolkit Nikola Metulev
BDL163 Tips and Tricks on Customizing your Graph Toolkit Components Beth Pan
BDL164 How PLEX is taking advantage of React Native Harini Kannan, Paul Gusmorino
BDL187 The Microsoft Teams Development Platform Sonia Cuff
BDL208 The new Windows Command Line: Windows Terminal and WSL Craig Loewen; Kayla Cinnamon

Community connections

Session Code Session Title Speaker(s)
COM09 Ask the Team: Azure Identity and Access Multiple
COM16 Ask the Team: Fluid Framework Multiple
COM193 Ask the Team: Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace Brian Levenson
COM194 Ask the Team: Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace Keith Vidal
COM20 Ask the Team: Microsoft Graph Toolkit Beth Pan, Nikola Metulev, Shane Weaver
COM22 Ask the Team: Teams Clint Williams
COM23 Ask the Team: Teams Clint Williams
COM28 Ask the Team: Windows Application Developer Multiple
COM44 Expert Q&A: M365 – Apps with React Native Multiple
COM45 Expert Q&A: M365 Application Validation Michael Aldridge
COM46 Expert Q&A: M365 Developer Program Michael Aldridge
COM47 Expert Q&A: Microsoft 365 and Our Data Model Christopher Haugen, Kevin Bellinger, Sara Bergman
COM48 Expert Q&A: MSIX Multiple
COM51 Expert Q&A: WinRTC, Open Source WebRTC Library Augusto Righetto
COM72 Focus Group: Building Office Add-ins Louis Maresca, Sylvia Okafor
COM74/75 Focus Group: Cross-Platform Native App development Harini Kannan
COM80/81 Focus Group: Developer Tools for Building on Teams Allen Snow, Emily Chen, Isabella Lubin, Karthig Balendran, Priya Koshy
COM92/93 Focus Group: Microsoft Edge and Remote Work Colleen Williams
COM94/95 Focus Group: Microsoft Graph Features and Feedback Arpitha Dhanapath, Ipshita Nag, Jeremy Thake, Michael Pizzo, Vincent Biret
COM96/97 Focus Group: Microsoft Identity Platform Permissions & Consent Ipshita Nag, Jeff Sakowicz, Matthew Steele, Philippe Signoret
COM98/99 Focus Group: Modern App Developer Experience Paul Gusmorino
COM102/103 Focus Group: Office Extensibility Amit Mohindra, Juan Balmori Labra, Keyur Patel
COM109/110 Focus Group: Teams Bots, Connectors, and Cards Arvind Muthukrishnan, Ojasvi Choudhary, Sid Uppal, Tatiana Cristea
COM113/114 Focus Group: Windows Application UX/UI Design Chigusa Sansen;Shawn Hickey
COM149 Learn Studio Session: Create interactive bots for Teams Ojasvi Choudhary
COM136 Sneak Peek: Application Experience for Azure AD Allison Amaral, Ben Vincent, Ipshita Nag, Luis Carlos Leon Plata, Sam Mak
COM123/124 Sneak Peek: Diversity Concepts in M365 Experiences Kevin Bellinger, Margrete Sævareid
COM133 Sneak Peek: Office Scripts in Excel Daniel Wilson, Sudhi Ramamurthy

Skilling sessions

Session Code Title Speaker (s)
SK100 Building modern enterprise-grade collaboration solutions with Microsoft Teams Bill Bliss
SK101 Transform everyday business processes with Microsoft 365 platform integrations Mike Ammerlaan
SK102 What’s new with Microsoft Teams as a platform Nick Kramer, Ojasvi Choundhary, Saumya Chandra
SK103 Join the Teams + Power Platform movement Efesa Origbo, Michael Chow
SK104 Building teams app experiences using SharePoint and Lists Luca, Loki Meyburg
SK105 Build, Deploy & Manage custom Teams apps effortlessly Joey Glocke, Vaibhav Agrawal
SK106 Tips for Teams developers: Authentication and proactive messaging Adrian Solis, Nick Beaulieu
SK107 Developing with the Fluid Framework Peter K Allenspach, Tyler Butler
SK108 Microsoft Graph data and services – a deep dive for developers Yina Arenas, Darrel Miller
SK109 A blueprint for building trustworthy apps that reach millions of users Matt Steele
SK110 What’s new with Microsoft Graph Elise Yang, Vincent Biret
SK111 Extend Microsoft 365 experiences with Graph Connectors Raju Nagalinga S, Vamsi Bhagi
SK112 Transforming information to knowledge using Project Cortex Naomi Moneypenny, Chris McNulty
SK113 Use External Identities to build digital experiences for any user Josh Douglas, Neha Goel
SK114 Building trust into digital experiences with decentralized identities Ankur Patel
SK115 Building apps for modern productivity with ToDo in Microsoft Graph Rohit Jaiswal, Vasant Kumar Tiwari
SK116 Build richer people experiences with Profile API on Microsoft Graph Kevin Bellinger, David Lindblad
SK117 Smart meetings, room, places and event sync in Microsoft Graph Victoria Rodriguez
SK118 Add cloud-based printing to your application with Universal Print Braeden Petruk, Venkateswara Rao Nagula
SK119 React Native: Build cross platform apps that target Windows, Mac, and more! Kiki Saintonge, Steven Moyes
SK120 Microsoft Edge DevTools for web developers Rachel Weil
SK121 End-to-end web development with VS Code and Microsoft Edge Rachel Weil
SK122 Building rich app experiences with Progressive Web Apps Judah Himango, Sohum Chatterjee
SK123 How to bring your Android apps to Surface Duo with Xamarin Craig Dunn
SK124 Application security and deployment [MSIX] John Vintzel
SK125 Foundation: Get started building modern Windows 10 apps Pete Brown
SK136 Foundation: Windows 10 – features and tools for all developers Pete Brown
SK126 Harness the power of WebRTC in your Windows apps with the new WinRTC! Dina Ayman, Augusto Righetto
SK127 Building apps for 1 billion Windows 10 Desktops and expanding reach even further with Windows Virtual Desktop Peter Torr
SK128 WebView2: Bringing the best of the web to your native apps Limin Zhu
SK129 Building Extensions for the new Microsoft Edge Pratyusha Avadhanula
SK130 Windows AI: hardware-accelerated ML on Windows devices Paul McDaniel, Clarke Rahrig
SK131 Fluent Design System – Building apps that feel natural on every device Paul Gildea, Chigusa Sansen, Benedikt Lehnert
SK133 Accessibility Insights: Open source accessibility testing tools Addie Andreeva, Mark Reay
SK134 Adaptive Cards  – Powering the next generation of contextual user experiences in your apps and Microsoft 365 Matt Hidinger, David Claux
SK135 The Windows Command-Line: Windows Terminal & WSL 2 Kayla Cinnamon, Craig Loewen
SK137 Surface Book 3 – GPU-accelerated application development Frank Buchholz

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