New Graph Explorer is now GA

Betti Ngugi

For the past year, we have worked to deliver a new version of Graph Explorer. This past fall at Ignite 2019, we offered a preview version to developers. Today, we’re excited to announce that the new Graph Explorer is generally available, including the following new features and improvements. This version is built using the React/Redux framework.


In this new version, the permissions you require are automatically displayed under the Modify Permissions tab when you enter a query in the address bar.  No need to go searching to find out what are the right permissions, and you can click consent right in the Modify permissions tab.  The full list of permissions is still available in the settings gear next to your profile when you choose the Select permissions option.

Access token tab

Graph Explorer now includes an Access token tab that shows your access token when you’re signed in. You can copy the token if you need to use it in your favorite REST Client Application

Code Snippets tab

For each query that you run in Graph Explorer, the Code snippets tab shows you how to implement or call the endpoint in your application in four different programming languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, and Objective C.

Adaptive cards tab

This tab generates adaptive cards for 10 of the sample queries in Graph Explorer. When you run a query that has an adaptive card, you’ll see the adaptive card displayed on the Adaptive cards tab. Coming soon, you’ll be able to copy the code directly to customize the UI in your own project. To learn more, see

Share query

We added a share button to the top right corner of the response preview area that you can use to share the query you just ran, including the request body and the request header. This means you can adapt Graph Explorer to match your theme preference in your favorite coding tool.

History tab

On the History tab, which is next to the Samples tab, you can find the history of the queries that you run. You can also delete, view, run, and export your history items.

Integration with the Microsoft 365 Developer Program

Graph Explorer now integrates with the Microsoft 365 Developer Program. If you need a developer sandbox with sample data to work with, you can click the settings gear, and select Get a sandbox with sample data. If you’re not already a member of the Developer Program, you can join right away and set up your developer subscription.

Expand and collapse features

You can expand and collapse the sidebar component by clicking the hamburger icon next to the Graph Explorer title on the top left corner of the page. You can also expand the response body of a query when you click the arrow on the top right corner of the response preview area.

View all samples

In the new version of Graph Explorer, we show all samples in the sidebar component. You no longer need to click More samples to see all the available samples.

Give us your feedback

Graph Explorer is an open source project that is hosted on GitHub. To clone the repo or contribute, go to Microsoft Graph Explorer V4.

If you run into any issues, or have feature requests, please file an issue.

We hope you enjoy this new version of Graph Explorer and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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