Introducing the new Microsoft Graph To Do API

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In a Workfront Inc study of knowledge workers, 71% of respondents said that they needed a single destination to understand and manage their work. Microsoft To Do is that single destination for your users’ tasks in Microsoft 365. Today, we’re excited to announce a preview of the Microsoft Graph To Do API, developed for partners like you to bring tasks from your apps in To Do.

To Do and Planner form the backbone of tasks in Microsoft 365. To Do is ideal for personal tasks across work and life whereas Planner is ideal for team tasks. Besides best in class mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and web, To Do is also deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 hubs, Outlook, and Teams. Millions of users are using To Do to collect tasks from email, chats, and planner boards into one simple cohesive view. The To Do API opens up the opportunity for you to be a core part of these users’ productivity story.

Microsoft Graph To Do APIs and early partners in possible integration discussions

API details

To Do helps people organize their tasks into task lists. Tasks typically have productivity properties like due date, reminder time, notes, etc. Our new API is designed with a range of typical tasks in mind. We have a taskList entity, consisting of a collection of task entities. We’re also adding a new entity called linkedResource to enable task completion. You can use it to store and display the link back to your app from where the task was created.

Fig: the entities in Microsoft Graph To Do APIs: taskLists, tasks, and linkedResource

We’ll offer a preview version of our new API that supports work, school, and personal Microsoft accounts, but note that we will only support delegated access in the first release. The required permission scopes are Tasks.Read, Tasks.ReadWrite and Tasks.ReadWrite.Shared. You’ll find support for the following endpoints:

CRUD operation on TaskList entity  /me/todo/lists
CRUD operation on Task entity  /me/todo/lists/<listId>/tasks
CRUD operation on LinkedResource entity  /me/todo/lists/<listId>/tasks/<taskId>/linkedResources

Build session & partner demo

Watch the Build 2020 session, “Building apps for modern productivity with To Do in Microsoft Graph” to learn more about To Do, its APIs on Microsoft Graph, and how partners are using it to bring tasks from their apps to To Do.

The session features demos from two of our early partners: yasoon and Pleexy. yasoon is a German company with over 7 years of experience connecting Microsoft software with Atlassian products. Tune in to watch co-founder Andreas Schmidt demonstrate their latest add-in, “Microsoft To Do for Jira”. Pleexy is a fast-growing startup that channels tasks from third party productivity apps into To Do. Denise Rebollido, community manager at Pleexy, will showcase how Pleexy can be used to connect products like Trello and Asana with Microsoft To Do.

To send us feedback or let us know if you want early access to the APIs, email us at or head to our User Voice page. We’d also love to hear your feedback about the Build session at

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