Introducing Microsoft Graph community samples

Microsoft Graph team

Developers all around the world are creating code samples and snippets using the Microsoft Graph with all sorts of languages in very different ways every day. Each of these community contributions can be found in blogs, different GitHub repositories and various other places.

Earlier this week, Microsoft published a new repository in the Microsoft Graph GitHub organization in an effort to provide developers not only a location where the community can contribute samples can be shared, but also a single point where others can go to find a great index of sample code.

You can find the repository at

In the contributions, developers can specify the technologies used in the sample such as Bot Framework, Node.js, .NET Core, iOS or Android (just to name a few) as well as the Microsoft Graph APIs or SDKs that were used. This lets other developers quickly find samples that meet their needs.

Image of Microsoft Graph samples table of contents

Developers can contribute samples using the generally accepted open source process of forking the repository, adding their contribution to their copied repository and submitting a pull request. Details on the process with the Git commands to run are included in the repository.

Initially, the repository contains cross-references to existing Microsoft Graph samples that live in their own repositories throughout the Microsoft Graph GitHub organization, but developers are free to submit their own samples today! PRs will be reviewed every week or two.

So, get started… submit your Microsoft Graph community samples today!



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