SharePoint Site Scripts and Site Designs – April 2018 release

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We are happy to announce the availability of additional Site Script Actions for SharePoint Online Site Designs and Site Scripts. These new actions will enable you to further configure automatically the newly created site collections for your employees and will reduce the requirements of having external services integrated with the provisioning process. We will keep on introducing new Site Script Actions also in future, so please keep the feedback coming, so that we can address also your requirements.

  • Site Settings
    • setRegionalSettings – Used to configure the regional settings of the site
    • setSiteExternalSharingCapability – Used to manage guest access
  • Lists & Libraries
    • createSiteColumn – Defines a new site column that can then be associated to a list directly or using the addContentType action
    • addSiteColumn – Subaction to add a previously defined site column directly to a list or content type
    • createContentType – Defines a new content type that can then be associated to a list using the addContentType action
    • addSPView – Defines and adds a view to the list
    • addSPFieldXml – Enables defining fields and their elements using Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
    • Additional field properties: internal name, group, enforce unique
  • Apps & Solutions
    • installSPFxSolution – Install add-in or SharePoint Framework solution from the tenant app catalog
    • Associate SharePoint Framework extension action also coming soon
  • Miscellaneous
    • triggerFlow action supports additional site properties
    • joinHub action has now also name parameter
    • Invoke-SPOSiteDesign cmdlet to apply Site Design to an existing site (also supported through APIs)
    • site design default preview image

Site Designs JSON schema documentation has been updated accordingly in the official SharePoint developer documentation. We will be publishing also official JSON schema for the Site Designs within following weeks, which will be kept up to date as we release new actions.

New Site Script templates in GitHub

We have also released new Site Script templates in GitHub, which demonstrate the usage of now introduced new Site Script actions.

Additional resources

See following resources on the covered topics.

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 10th of April 2018

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