Your Guide to Microsoft Graph at Microsoft Build 2017

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The Microsoft Graph API provides a broad, consistent foundation for any business application or process running on Office 365. It provides access to the core resources that any application needs – ranging from users and groups, to files, to mails and contacts, and into OneNote and Planner, and InTune – via consistent REST APIs and a diverse set of mobile and application SDKs. We call the Microsoft Graph the API to your organization because it offers so many facets of the organizations your software will run on.

When it comes to building smarter, more optimized business apps and processes, you can get the data and insights you need with Microsoft Graph.

We’ve also expanded many of our capabilities to help developers build complete business processes tailored to the work their organization does. Microsoft Flow continues to grow and offer power users an easy, intuitive way to add actions to their data. Developers can add to, and extend, Flow with simple web services. Azure Functions provides a simple, low-impact way for developers to get started with building these actions. For more advanced scenarios, a broader set of webhooks across Office 365, within Microsoft Graph and SharePoint, provide a wide array of ways to connect with common business actions – adding a new user, creating a document, receiving an e-mail – that frequently spark broader operations within businesses.

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