Get Microsoft Graph change notifications delivered via Azure Event Hubs

Microsoft identity platform team

We are excited to announce that Microsoft Graph change notifications delivery through Azure Event Hubs is now Generally Available (GA) following a successful Public Preview 

Azure Event Hubs is a popular real-time event ingestion and distribution service built for scale and can be used instead of traditional webhooks to receive change notifications. 

This change notification node will enhance high throughput processes (e.g., subscribing to large sets of resources, subscribing to resources that change with a high frequency, multi-tenant applications that subscribe to resources across a large set of organizations etc.). Developers can take advantage of this service to minimize chances of missing change notifications from Microsoft Graph due to their endpoint downtimes. This change notification delivery mode supports Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, Share Point, Security Graph, Microsoft Teams conversations, meetings, shifts, and presence status, Microsoft Outlook, To Do, and Universal Print resources. 

Why the change notification? 

Historically, the main delivery modes for change notifications  were webhooks and Delta Queries. It can be challenging to take advantage of webhooks or delta queries for high throughput scenarios when the receiver cannot expose a publicly available notification URL.  With this change notification delivery mode, notifications are sent to the provisioned Azure Event Hub. You can therefore build an Event Hub processor to receive notifications. 

What’s new?  

Change notifications will continue work the same way for authorization, API contract, and SDK support, and only differ in the following points for Azure Event Hubs: 

  • You do not need to implement the notification URL validation anymore. 
  • You will need to provision an Azure Event Hub. 
  • You will need to provision an Azure Key Vault. 
  • You will use the Event Hubs SDK to receive the change notifications. 

Getting Started 

Please follow these steps to get started: 

  1. Register your application from your Azure portal 
  2. Configure the Azure Event Hub 
  3. Configure the Azure Key Vault 
  4. Configure the Azure Storage Account 
  5. Create the change notification subscription 
  6. Create and run the Azure Event Hub listener to receive notifications 

Learn more on how you can setup change notification delivery via Azure Event Hubs from the Get change notifications delivered in different ways topic in the Microsoft Graph documentation and let us know what you think! 

We welcome your feedback, so if you have further questions, you can reach out to us on our Q&A platform 

-The Microsoft identity platform team 


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