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We are excited to continue the developer momentum from Build with our ongoing Hack the workday with Office 365 hackathon. Join us to see how Office 365 can help you reach over 130M users a month with the power of Microsoft Graph.

As we continue to see great new apps being submitted in the current event, we also want to highlight past winners. In this post we are highlighting Burn Dev and their Formula Editor add-in for Excel.

Every day, analysts and engineers spend valuable time building and managing complex calculations. Understanding and visualizing long formulas and their subsections is a daunting and error-prone task. The Formula Editor add-in for Excel makes seeing what each part of a long, complex formula contains easy to understand and easy to edit within the task pane, thus reducing errors and saving time!

Formula Editor helps you quickly compare and analyze formulas and lets you visualize the calculation in the same way you would see it in a modern code editor. The editor formats each formula with whitespace indentation and proper nesting, so you are no longer constrained by the view of a single cell box, but have a full-size window to fully expand your formula views. Among other features, the Formula Editor also offers syntax highlighting, formula caching, multiple formula insertion and retrieval, and many more.

The integration of the add-in with Excel is seamless and utilizes the powerful analysis and built in capabilities of Excel. Using Formula Editor, you can help automate the repetitive tasks associated with finding calculation changes, allowing you to quickly identify components and their relationship within the task pane.

Formula Editor can benefit a wide spectrum of technical Excel users, such as Data Analysts and Quality Assurance Engineers, Formula Editor is a great tool for formula analysis and calculation editing scenarios or for comparing baseline calculations as they evolve within an organization.

Formula Editor is available as a free trial from the Office Store. See how you can simplify the editing of your latest formulas today!




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