WebCast: End-to-End Walkthrough of Excel JavaScript Add-in Development

Office Add-ins team

In this webcast, we will walk through the end-to-end process of building an Office Add-in for Excel:  from launching Visual Studio, to writing a bit of JavaScript code that uses the new Excel 2016 APIs, to adding some basic UI tweaks, to talking through the publishing options, debugging, and more.

Image of a sample add-in running in Excel 2016

For those who wanted to see the solution that is built as part of the walkthrough, it is uploaded to OneDrive. Download and unzip the file, open the Solution in Visual Studio 2015 or a VS 2013 with the latest updates, and you should be all set! I recommend watching the video before downloading the solution, so that you can follow along in “the building of” before seeing the full thing.

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Office Add-ins.
  • Introduction toExcel JavaScript APIs.
  • Details around building an Office Add-in from Visual Studio.
  • Tips on testing and debugging.

Watch the video today on Channel 9

Additional resources

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