Deprecation of riskEventTypes property in signIns v1.0 API on Microsoft Graph

Office Add-ins team

What you need to know

In a recent blog we announced our intention to switch from using enumerated types to string types when representing risk event properties in Microsoft Graph. In addition to impacting the preview APIs as detailed in that blog, this change will also impact the in-production signIns API.

We have introduced a new riskEventsTypes_v2 (string) property to the signIns v1.0 API. We will retire the current riskEventTypes (enum) property on June 11, 2022 in accordance with our Microsoft Graph deprication policy.

What we recommend you do

Please update any existing processes or integrations that use the signIns API to use the new riskEventTypes_v2 property. We will only add new risk event types to these new properties and risk detection type information will only show up under the new property names. If you have existing queries that filter on the old properties, they will fail once the properties are removed from the API schema.


Old query:

GET$filter=riskEventTypes eq ‘unfamiliarFeatures’

New query:

GET$filter=riskEventTypes_v2 eq ‘unfamiliarFeatures’

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