Bulk UPA Custom Profile Properties Update API available worldwide

Vesa Juvonen

We are happy to announce worldwide availability of the Bulk UPA Custom Profile Properties Update API cross all SharePoint Online tenants. This API has been in developer preview and available in first release tenants for a while, but has been now enabled cross other tenants as well. The API provides an easy way to bulk update user profile properties in SharePoint Online. Typical example use cases the following:

  • Synchronize Line-of-Business system profile information to SharePoint Online. An example usage would be to expose it to Search or consume the properties via customizations
  • Migrating to SharePoint Online from on-premises with custom profile properties

The API works in a way that you provide the needed user profile updates for numerous profiles, using a file, which is then processed by SharePoint as one asynchronous process. You can find the exact usage details from following blog post, which was released when this API was introduced for preview usage.

Here’s the previously released demo on the API usage from Channel 9.


Here are existing resources for this API.

If you have any questions around the released capability, please let us know in the SharePoint Developer space under Microsoft Tech Community

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Vesa Juvonen, Senior Program Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft – 19th of September 2016

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