Build your personalized enterprise search experience with PnP Modern Search v4 solution

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We’re proud to release the v4 of the PnP Modern Search web parts for SharePoint Online!

The PnP ‘Modern Search‘ solution is a set of SharePoint Online modern Web Parts allowing SharePoint super users, webmasters and developers to create highly flexible and personalized search based experiences in minutes.

Before modern pages and web parts built on SharePoint Framework was introduced search driven scenarios was covered by the highly flexible classic search web parts, which supported any developer to add any HTML, CSS or JavaScript they wanted to tailor their specific scenario. In the modern world this was replaced by the Highlighted Content Web Part and a not very configurable search solution for Microsoft Search.

To close the gap of customization and freedom the PnP Modern Search web parts got stated back in 2017, and have stabilized on v3. While allowing flexibility it introduces security measures to block JavaScript and CSS injection, key to many of the enterprise companies using the web parts today in productions.

As the project progressed and the search API’s are moving from SharePoint to Microsoft Graph there was a need to restructure and re-invent these web parts, hence v4 was born. The goal of v4 is to solve scenarios already solved by v3, but at the same time allow greater flexibility in how you extend the solution using web components and custom developer solutions outside of HTML/handlebars.

As more and more Microsoft Search functionality is exposed via the Microsoft Graph Search API’s, we will keep on investing in v4 to surface these great capabilities.

PnP search v4 layout


Please see the following community call demo by Franck Cornu (aequos) for additional details on the different capabilities included in the v4 release. Frank is one of the main architects of this solution and also Office Developer MVP.

The PnP ‘Modern Search‘ solution is an open-source project built by Microsoft together with our MVPs and community members. You are more than welcome to get more closely involved and please do let us know what’s needed on these areas.

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