Breaking changes in the Microsoft Graph Tasks API (beta) 

Microsoft Graph team

For the past several months we’ve offered developers preview access to our new Tasks API on the beta endpoint of Microsoft Graph. The Tasks API helps bring users’ tasks from multiple sources such as Outlook emails, Teams chats, Office documents into one single place. As is sometimes the case with pre-production APIs, we’re making a few necessary changes to property names and types, to align them with similar properties elsewhere in Microsoft Graph. Note that these are breaking changes that will impact developers whose solutions are currently calling the Tasks API (beta). 

Below are the breaking changes to the Tasks API: 

  • We are renaming the personalProperties property of baseTask resource to viewpoint 
  • We are renaming reminderDatetime to reminderDateTime 
  • We are renaming body property name to textBody and changing the property type from itemBody to String. In the future, we will also support htmlBody on baseTask resource. 

What do I need to do? 

Please update your code to rename references to reflect the renamed properties. After the breaking change, calls to this API using out-of-date property names will return nothing in response. 

The changes will take effect on the Microsoft Graph beta endpoint on Feb 28th, 2022.  

Happy coding!


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