Breaking changes for the Insights API (beta)

Microsoft Graph team

Today, we’re announcing an upcoming breaking change for developers using the Insights API (beta) in Microsoft Graph. The Insights API enables various partners to filter and show user centric experience for various scenarios.

About the breaking change

  • In the resourceVisualization complex type in the List used – Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs API, there’s a property containerType which can be either “Site” or “OneDriveBusiness” (ODB) depending on whether an item is in a SharePoint site or an ODB site.
  • Currently when representing the container itself, this mapping is inconsistent and returns “Site” for both properties.
  • After the change is enabled, we will return “Site” for the SharePoint site, and, for consistency, we will return “OneDriveBusiness” for the ODB site item.

What do I need to do?

Please verify if your existing code requires an update to reflect the corrected container value. The corrected mapping will enable you and other partner teams to better distinguish SharePoint sites from ODB sites.

This change will go into effect in mid-June, 2022.


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