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Product Manager, Microsoft Graph

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Write high quality code with the Microsoft Graph PHP SDK v2

By solving cross-cutting concerns like authentication, retry, and batching, PHP SDK v2 gives you time back to focus on the design and value of your application.

Generate tailored Python and PHP API clients for any API with Kiota

Learn how Kiota eliminates the need to take a dependency on a different SDK for every API that you need to call.

Introducing the Microsoft Graph Python SDK

Access the beta and v1 endpoints of Microsoft Graph, with a fluent experience, designed to facilitate discoverability with the best features of the Python language.

Announcing Microsoft Graph PHP 2.0.0-RC19

Today we are announcing the new RC19 version. Since the RC5 announcement, we have improved many of the common scenarios to give you time back to focus on quality and design.

Microsoft Graph Python SDK is now available for public preview

We’re excited to introduce the Microsoft Graph Python SDK, now available for public preview, improving the Python Core library.

Microsoft Graph PHP SDK 2.0.0-RC5 is now available

We are pleased to announce that PHP developers can now integrate their applications with Microsoft Graph. And, using the new Microsoft Graph PHP SDK, developers can also now access Microsoft services data from both beta and v1 endpoints with enhanced programmability experience.