Announcing WebView2 for Office Add-ins Platform – Preview

Office Add-ins team

We’re excited to announce that we’re taking the next steps in evolving the web viewer control used by the Office Add-ins platform for add-ins running on Windows.

Beginning with Office version 16.0.13127.20082 in the Office Insider builds, Office Add-ins running on Office 365 for Windows will use the new Chromium based Edge WebView2 as the runtime. The new Microsoft Edge WebView2 performs much better than Internet Explorer or EdgeHTML, is always up to date, and supports the latest in web browser standards.

We’d love for you to test your add-in or scenario using the new WebView2 and give us feedback on [tag your feedback with Edge WebView2]. Use the following steps to test this integration:

  1. Join the Office Insiders, if you aren’t already part of it [].
  2. Get Office 365 version 16.0.13127.20082 [or later].
  3. Get the Edge WebView2 runtime from
  4. Launch your add-in, right click, and you should see an option to Debug. Choose this option to launch the new WebView2 debugger.
  5. Test your add-in and give us feedback on github [].

Any thoughts and feedback are welcome.

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